Putting the Pieces Together: The History of Backgammon

An addicting pastime rooted in ancient Mesopotamia about 5000 years ago. This is Wee Battle. This is backgammon, the oldest known board game in history. Thousands of players flock the world wide web in search of competition and recognition in the field of backgammon. However, only a few know the past that shaped the game---the history of backgammon.

Egyptian Pharaohs and Kings, the privileged, the prominent and royalty; these are the only ones who were permitted to play 'Senat', an ancient game that resembles the modern backgammon. The passing of years helped the game gain popularity and soon its appeal reached other cultures and nations alike. However, this expansion was momentarily halted by controversy whereby church teachings claimed that such game originated from the devil. When the tide subsided, said board game returned as permanent fixtures in ancient homes.

'Bac gamen' was the term used by the Greeks. As men developed, the game evolved with them. In the 17th century, the English embraced the name backgammon. Which was probably derived from 'back' and 'gamen' or back game. A gamer saw this game as 'tables'. And that gamer is Edmund Hoyle. He initiated and published a book consisting of backgammon rules for individuals who were having trouble with the game's complexities. His book aided those aspiring gamers to do well and helped strengthen the reputation of backgammon.

This is the history of backgammon, now let's move forward. From ancient boards to online gaming, from books to software applications. Players have been scouring the Internet to sharpen their skills, compete with one another and share their passion---their sheer passion for gaming. The Internet provides a variety of services be it downloading, tutorial, practicing or competing. You can find anything and everything about the game in the world wide web. Motif backgammon is one of the sites that present the services that were previously mentioned.

Whether you're playing with a real live individual or virtually over the Internet, one cannot deny the appeal of backgammon. Do you have the skills? Is lady luck by your side? If your answer for both is affirmative, then head your way to one of the online gaming sites and prove to them your worth. Though you need not hurry, backgammon will be staying for a very, very long time. It has proven itself a game which lasted through the years.

So far, this is the history of backgammon, is your skill good enough for you to be in it?