Gift Your Loved One with a Backgammon Set

Backgammon is one the oldest table games in the world. Like chess, it is a game of skill and strategy that involves making the kind of trade-offs that you encounter in reality situations. And just like in real life, there is also that element of uncertainty that comes with every roll of the dice. It is a classic game played by kings and nobility during the classical period of the history of mankind. Today, backgammon has made a come back and is fast becoming one of the most popular table games around. Many players have become addicted to this very absorbing game, and if your loved one or best friend is one of them, a backgammon set is the best gift you can give.

Before you shop for a backgammon set, you have to decide first on the kind that would best go with the personality of the recipient without being too heavy on your budget. The range of styles is so wide and varied as there is no standard size, color, material or style prescribed for a backgammon set. Some come in fancy and intricate designs and some are plain and simple. For instance, there are types of backgammon set with boards that can simply be rolled up inside a tube while there are sets with boards that double as a carrying case for its accessories. Backgammon boards come in different materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, leather and vinyl. There are even magnetic portable sets for the player on the go.

Aside from the board, a backgammon set consists of chips, dice, a doubling cube and dice shakers. There are thirty chips in all, fifteen for each of the two players. Typically, the chips of the opposing players are colored black and white but their colors may range from two different shades of brown or green. These chips are either made of highly polished hardwood or heavy marble-like plastic or some other similarly smooth synthetic material. A backgammon set also comes with two dice shakers made of leather, wood or plastic. A standard accessory for a backgammon set is four dice, with each player having their own set of two dice. The last piece of accessory is a doubling cube, which is an optional requirement for players who are not playing with money at stake.

Now that you are familiar with the pieces that make up a backgammon set, you can visit on-line stores that offer a wide range of gaming accessories and compare prices and styles that fit your budget and the personality of the recipient of your gift.