Backgammon Game Mechanics

If you are looking forward to learning everything about the backgammon game, then you must be able to find a quick step by step reference and instructions on how to play the game. This will help you to truly enjoy the game. Playing backgammon is quite easy and simple. It is very easy to learn that one could actually begin playing after reading the rules of the game. However, as you take a step forward and advancing your learning, you'll realize that there are some strategies used in the game to help you have better chances of winning. This will help you have an easier game flow and you'll eventually emerge as a good backgammon player. These instructions and step by step guide can easily be found over the Internet. You can also find some game strategies that you can use the moment you start playing the game.

In a backgammon game, all the moves that you do will depend on the dice roll. Players must roll the two dices and will move according to the total result of the dices. A player is allowed to move two stones as long as it follows the total result of the dices. When you happen to roll double, you can make four moves rather than just two moves, the main objective of the game is to bear of all your pieces out of the game board before your opponent does. Each of the color will move around the game board until all the pieces reach the home and from there, you can begin tipping off the pieces out of the board game.

The main set up of the pieces shows a black piece along with two other white pieces at the first point of the board. The player holding the white will then have two black pieces on his side. Both pieces are referred to as runner. On the side of the black piece just right after the two white pieces, you will notice five black pieces located at the sixth point, 3 black pieces at the eight point, along with 5 black pieces at the twelfth point. The side of the board that is reserved for you will be just the same with the blacks, however, you will then have two black pieces rather than two white pieces. When the board is all set, you can now roll the dice and begin playing. The person who bears off all his card out of the game first wins the game.