Backgammon Board Set-up

Backgammon is one of the most recognized classic games in the world. It has been existing in our planet for hundreds and thousands years already and yet it still remain famous and popular. The backgammon game can be enjoyed through a private game or in a worldwide tournament games where the stakes are higher. However, if you are just new to the game, you must first understand the basic set up of the backgammon board as well as the basic instructions of playing the game.

First and foremost, to be able to begin playing the game, you must first understand the very layout of the backgammon board. In every game, a player is given 15 minutes to identify the set up of the board. Basically there is a dark and light, this serves as the identification of the two competing players, just like in a chess game. The backgammon boards is divided into two halves and a bar is sued to divide the two sides. The goal of each player is to get all their checkers to their own home board and bear them off. The first player who bears off all his checkers wins the game. The board have 24 pints and they are all colored in alternate triangles. These points are then divided into four quadrants that contains six points for each quadrant. A player must move his checkers on these quadrants depending on the dice roll.

The same rule applies in backgammon online. When playing the game online and using a computer game software, the set up of the backgammon board comes in a 3D model with high graphic resolutions. The version is very realistic and it preserves the appearance of the classic backgammon game. When being played for a couple of rounds, the players will easily get use to the virtual environment of the game. In fact, some players even choose to play online rather than in real time. Online backgammon also gives you the opportunity to play for free. This means that you can practice playing the game without risking any amount of money at all. You can also watch stream backgammon game, and learn how to play the game the expert and professional way.

Whether you play the game online or real time, the main concern here is that you must first familiarize yourself to the different set up of the game along with its instruction for you to truly enjoy the game.