Know the Game

Backgammon is one of the most popular and oldest board game in the world. It is played by two players in which every move depends on the corresponding result in the rolling of dice. The game though has some significant random element in it and has room for strategy and tactics which provides opportunities to further increase the level of the game to a more competitive and tactical avenue. This board game, known as a skill and chance game is patronized by players from all over the world.

The first player who completely removes his pieces from the board is declared the winner. In every roll of the dice, a player must make a move choosing from a variety of options and plans to control the possible counter move by the other player.

A lot of variations have been developed from different parts of the globe, but the common elements are still maintained.

Game lovers and followers have formed organizations for social events and local competitions of backgammon, holding informal meetings, with members gathering at bars and clubs at the end of the day to relax, play and talk.

Because of the game's interesting and tactical aspect, it has been studied by computer programmers and scientists, and amazingly produced game software that can beat world class and skillful players.

There is a recent growth of interest in backgammon, and the reason behind is the game's popularity online. The first online play was started in the early 90s. It has become the longest running popular online game that is purely non-commercial and creates a great following from the international community of backgammon players. There are also commercial servers that offer online backgammon play. The game has become a part of online gambling in 2006.

When a backgammon game involved bets or money, the most common method is to put a money value to every game, and to play to a certain score, or sometimes, when either player chooses to stop the game. The game is sometimes playable in amusement and gaming parlors including casinos. Just like with most gambling games, whether card or other variations, a winning play in backgammon involves around the presence of both luck and skill, since the outcome of the game can sometimes be significantly changed with a single roll of dice.

Everyone can play backgammon and can enjoy the long tradition and history of the game dating back centuries ago. The game is a guaranteed fun, worthy of the interest and adoration of players from different countries around the world. A nice way to sharpen skills and test ones luck.